Business Alchemy
meets Cosmic Magic

Let's create a beautiful world - together!




Craving powerful business and personal transformation?
a dash of cosmic guidance?

This is your space and I am your guide.

hi, i'm

Your Cosmic Brand Leader

I love conscious brands and leaders - that's you!

With 13 years of experience building digital brands and 6 years of entrepreneurship in my heart, I am here to guide you to gracefully surf the waves of business building, leadership initiation, sustainable scaling, and miracle marketing - it'll be fun too! 

I started Shakti Brand, my conscious co-creation agency, because I'm passionate about building Earth-loving and empowering brands with an all-star team of creatives, experts, and magic makers! 

My stellar secret weapon?

I'm a Cosmic Guide! 
This means I blend modern astronomy and star gazing with multicultural mystical knowing to bring the wisdom of the cosmos into your life, brand, and leadership. I am deeply devoted to love and dedicated to transformation, expansion and prosperity for all. 

Let's create magic together. 

Wild Creative.
Joy Factory.

Like you, I am so much more than my labels and titles. Let's drop the formality and
have some fun on the journey.


Why Rose?

I love roses.

Rose is my middle name and most beloved scent, flower, and plant medicine! Many fruits originate from the rose: apples, peaches, and cherries - oh yum! Venus orbits in the shape of a rose - search for it.
Miriam of Magdala's Rose Lineage is woven into my heart. 

In summary, the Rose is a natural guide for beautiful and divine creation!

Will you accept this rose?

My Worldview

I am on this glorious planet to co-create a thriving Free Earth Economy.
 My dream for a loving global system where we all thrive and nobody is left behind.

The best part?
We get to do it together!

How do we create a beautiful world?

I believe creativity is our most powerful tool and that love is the most powerful force on the planet. I believe we all have the power to create and live out our destinies and have a lot of fun in the process.

Let’s collab with the cosmos, serve the earth,  and make business sacred.

Let's create a beautiful world - together!

From your first offering to sustainable global scaling - I'm your sacred flow business strategist

From writing your memoir to beautiful marketing materials - 
I'm your creativity alchemist

From star gazing to mythical exploration - I';ll be your guide to creating with the cosmos


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Shakti Brand is a conscious marketing agency dedicated to your soul's purpose. Receive custom branding and business solutions from me and our expert team of creative entrepreneurs and artistic alchemists.

Start with your sacred strategy, Sacred brand, content, and sales strategies elevate and align your authentic gifts and services and guide your business growth.

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